Kevin Le

Operations Research Major @ Columbia University, '20


I am a junior at Columbia University studying Operations Research, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I love working at the intersection between technology and people through the lens of data, optimization, and management. Over the past few years, I've exposed myself to creative problem-solving across a variety of fields including defense, music, infrastructure, and cryptoassets. Moving forward, I hope to continue my exploration in developing diverse solutions for diverse users.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Python, R, SQL, C, C++, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, MATLAB, Bash, Git, Tableau, Excel, Adobe Suite
OTHER SKILLS: Human-Centered Design, UI/UX, Strategic Planning, Product Design, Agile, Project Management


Freelance Product Developermore_vert

Based in NYC
Dec. 2017 - Present

View sample case studies below, more coming soon.

Kevin Leclose

I manage projects for clients across a variety of industries. As of Fall 2018, I have expanded my operations to multiple people (other independent contractors), with continual growth planned for 2019. Below are some project highlights!

  • Created an internal song catalog application enabling Shapiro Bernstein (100+ year old music publisher) to run searches 180x faster and modify and share file metadata on a 6000x larger scale; development followed multiple iterations, with decisions informed by user interviews across all branches of the company
  • Collaborated with the Operations and Public Relations (PR) branches of Wachsman (professional services agency in the blockchain industry) to build a blockchain-focused PR metric web application for communicating PR results to a portfolio of 80+ clients in a modular way; project developed with a partner using select Agile practices
  • Teamed up with a partner to develop a royalties tracking and analysis application for the Executive and Royalties & Licensing branches of Shapiro Bernstein to detect anomalies and create income projections across thousands of songs on a global scale
  • Wachsmanmore_vert

    Operations Intern
    June 2018 - Aug. 2018

    Operations Internclose

    Wachsman is a leading professional services agency in the blockchain industry.

  • Led the development of a crypto-asset exploration application for iterating trading strategies and risk mitigations; tested trade decisions with an average 5% positive return per week in August 2018 during a bearish market
  • Conducted user interviews on all company branches to provide insights for new performance management policies and procedures
  • Implemented training decks on business practices, sociopolitical attitudes, and real estate options in Singapore to assist in transitioning employees from New York and Dublin to a new office in Singapore
  • Assisted in creating company revenue builds and proposed simple accounting practices for cryptoassets
  • Created a program for analyzing and visualizing interview and performance evaluation data
  • Shapiro Bernsteinmore_vert

    Royalties & Licensing Intern
    Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2017

    Royalties & Licensing Internclose

    Shapiro Bernstein is one of the oldest independent music publishers in the United States.

    I proposed, developed, and implemented software to increase operational efficiency. Programs include:

  • European Royalties Analyzer: 2000x faster at analyzing and generating European earnings reports
  • Spotify Missing Claims Detector: 50x faster at identifying owned songs missing legal claims
  • Third Party Income Data Analyzer: 2000x faster at comparing income data reports from third parties
  • Internal Data Cleaner: Filter for inconsistencies in Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.’s internal data

  • In addition, I assisted in general income organizing and office support.

    Advanced Acoustic Conceptsmore_vert

    Software Engineering Intern
    June 2017 - Aug. 2017

    Software Engineering Internclose

    Advanced Acoustic Concepts is a naval defense contractor owned by DRS/Thales.

    I worked in a team of four to program a prototype to automate tactical simulation data collection, eliminating the need for people to be present when simulations are run.

    By the end of the summer, the prototype was deemed successful and viable, moving to a partial implementation phase.

    Columbia Graduate Schoolmore_vert

    Administrative Assistant
    Sept. 2016 - April 2018

    Administrative Assistantclose

    The Columbia Graduate School of Chemistry Office handles all operations and administration related to chemistry graduate students at Columbia University.

    As an administrative assistant, I perform a wide range of administrative and office support activities including creating large-scale digital databases and organizing student materials to facilitate efficient running of the office.

    Forsyth Institutemore_vert

    Research Intern
    July 2015 - Aug. 2015

    Research Internclose

    The Forsyth Institute is a leader in oral and systemic disease research. I proposed and conducted an original experiment involving C. elegans and M. smegmatis, a mycobacterium closely related to M. tuberculosis, with a focus on studying how C. elegans impact the unique cell wall and mycolic acid lattice of M. smegmatis.

    My work eventually held a provisional patent.



    Co-Founder, Executive Board
    Nov 2018 - Present


    LionBase works to foster inclusivity at the intersection of data science and product development by connecting students and companies through impactful data products.

    This is a bit of passion project of mine that is an extension of my freelance data product experience. I hope to give more students the opportunity to work with companies and to build a community of data scientists and product developers at Columbia.

    Vietnamese Students Associationmore_vert

    May 2018 - Present

    Vietnamese Students Associationclose

    The Columbia Vietnamese Students Association works to foster a community for the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American community at Columbia University, and also on sharing Vietnamese culture within NYC.

    As president, I oversee and coordinate all of our events, projects, and initiatives. Additionally, I handle communications with the university. I also made the VSA website.

    Columbia Data Science Societymore_vert

    Board Member
    Oct. 2018 - Present

    Columbia Data Science Societyclose

    The Columbia Data Science Society (CDSS) is an interdisciplinary society that promotes data science across Columbia University and the New York City community.

    As a board member, I help organize and execute events related to data science.

    Columbia University Engineers Without Bordersmore_vert

    Morocco Program Manager
    Oct. 2017 - Oct. 2018

    Columbia University Engineers Without Bordersclose

    Engineers Without Borders is an organization consisting of various collegiate and professional chapters that work on designing and implementing infrastructural solutions to developing communities. As Columbia's Engineers Without Borders-Morocco program manager, my responsibility was to coordinate and direct the efforts of all EWB-Morocco project teams:

  • Water (Technical)
  • Piping (Technical)
  • Bridge (Technical)
  • Community development (Non-Technical)
  • Business (Non-Technical)
  • Grants (Non-Technical)

  • I also coordinated with:
  • Professional mentors
  • Peace Corps Volunteers
  • EWB-USA Headquarters
  • Corporate Sponsors

  • The ultimate goal of the EWB-Morocco program is to build a sustainable bridge and extensive clean water distribution system to the Bizdad region of Essasouria. All work must meet a strict quality standard.

    Muse Housemore_vert

    Recruitment Liaison
    Sept. 2018 - Present

    Muse Houseclose

    Muse House is Columbia University's music-focused residence community, new this year. As the Muse House recruitment liaison, I am responsible for handling all events and communications related to ensuring the sustainability of the house.

    Design for Americamore_vert

    Studio Member
    Sept. 2016 - Apr. 2018

    Design for Americaclose

    The Barnard-Columbia Design for America is a consulting club that works with local non-profits in NYC to develop human-centered design solutions to pain points within each organization. Past work I've done through DFA includes:

  • A prototype of a wearable to collect air quality data for legislative purposes
  • Aiding the Billion Oyster Project in increasing web traffic
  • Columbia Space Initiativemore_vert

    Micro-G Outreach Lead & Design Member
    Sept. 2016 - June 2017

    Columbia Space Initiativeclose

    As a part of the Micro-G NeXT team, I worked on a small team to develop a subsurface sampling device for asteroid use. Given a set of design criteria, the device was expected to be able to collect both regolith (similar to sand/gravel) and rock core samples while maintaining stratification.

    After design approval, the device was manufactured and presented at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab in June 2017. There, it was the most successful device at collecting regolith.

    I also acted as the team's outreach lead, organizing several aerospace workshops and presentations within NYC.

    CU Recordsmore_vert

    Studio Engineer
    Jan. 2017 - Present

    CU Recordsclose

    CU Records is a student-run recording studio at Columbia whose mission is to provide a free and open studio for local artists. As one of the earliest studio engineers for CU records, I work on maintaining and improving the studio. I also work with musicians, filmmakers, and other artists to make high quality recordings, and to mix and master songs.


    Crypto Explorermore_vert

    Data Product
    A modular crypto asset exploration application to iterate trading strategies, portfolio optimizations, risk mitigations, client pricing strategies, and other data insights

    Crypto Explorerclose

    This is a project I developed to better understand how to use crypto asset portoflios.

    The software application contains two main sections: a General section and a Playground section. The General section is designed for the business person. It simply shows visuals and simplified outputs that are immediately relevant to financial decisions. The Playground section is designed for the researcher. It provides granular inputs and a wide variety of modular mathematical methods and backtesting. Both sections are completely interactive, allowing any user to quickly and easily experiment as desired.

    During the development of this tool, I was able to effectively advise people on key financial decisions related to crypto assets.

    Song Data Management Systemmore_vert

    Data Product
    Fast, robust, no-frills data management for licensing companies

    Song Data Management Systemclose

    This is a project I initially developed as a consultant for Shapiro, Bersntein, & Co, a music publisher. As an over 100 year old company, their song data was expansive to the point of intense inefficiency. A single search could take several minutes to process.

    I developed a new data management system and database for the company to use. The software allowed Shapiro Bernstein to reorganize their data, sync data between files and the database, add metadata easily and quickly, and to use more flexible and in-depth searching. A single search went from taking several minutes to happening instantaneously.

    This is a modular solution that can apply to similar companies.

    Ait Bayoud Bridgemore_vert

    Infrastructure Product
    The world's first high-density polymer simple suspension footbridge

    Ait Bayoud Bridgeclose

    This is one of the two projects I manage for Engineers Without Borders. The community of Ait Bayoud is separated from a set of schools, markets, clinics, and hospitals by a ravine which floods during the rainy season. The goal of the bridge was to provide a way to traverse the ravine during this season, opening up the community to resources and education.

    One of the challenges we faced was the inability to set up a traditional steel bridge. Instead, we worked with a new material that was cheaper and ultimately more effective.

    Ilguiloda & Izgouaren Pipelinemore_vert

    Infrastructure Product
    A 7 km potable water pipeline

    Ilguiloda & Izgouaren Pipelineclose

    When Engineers Without Borders was working on the Ait Bayoud bridge, two remote dwars in the area -- Ilguiloda and Izgouaren -- reached out to us for help on increasing water accessibility. Currently, women and children must walk for hours each day back and forth to retrieve water. In 2015, a well was drilled on the outskirts of the region (the only area with a sufficient aquifer). Now, we are working on powering the system and on implementing a 7 km pipeline.

    Lion Drillmore_vert

    Aerospace Product
    A subsurface sampling device for asteroids, presented to NASA

    Lion Drillclose

    The Lion Drill was designed and manufactured as a part of the NASA Micro-G NExT competition. The challenge was to create a single mechanical device that could collect samples from different layers of an asteroid while maintaining stratification. It was tested at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

    Lexington Public Schools Engineering Education Reformmore_vert

    Education Product
    Original engineering curricula and a public MakerSpace for Lexington, MA

    Lexington Public Schools Engineering Education Reformclose

    I designed new engineering curricula and teacher training materials for the Lexington, MA public school system, culminating in a $10,000 initiative to transition the curricula to all elementary schools. After a successful pilot year at 1/3 of the elementary schools in Lexington, $20,000 was added to its funding, and I transitioned the project to a new team. Today, the curriculum has expanded and is fully integrated across all six Lexington elementary public school systems, impacting several thousand students.

    Additionally, I established a $5,000 MakerSpace called "OpenSource" for students and faculty to create whatever, whenever. After a successful pilot year, $10,000 was added to funding, and I transitioned the project to a new team.

    unSEAled Zinemore_vert

    Magazine Product
    A publication focusing on sharing Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American voices.

    unSEAled Zineclose

    unSEAled is a zine publication I founded as president of the Vietnamese Students Association alongside numerous other Southeast Asian groups at Columbia University. There is both a print and online version, featuring art, music, writing, film, photography, and more.

    Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) Websitemore_vert

    Web Development Product
    A custom website for the Columbia Vietnamese Students Association

    Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) Websiteclose

    When I joined the Vietnamese Students Association in 2017, the overall format of the VSA website had not been updated since 2008, although information in it could still be modified. I decided to make a completely new website that was welcoming and friendly -- much like our community!

    Exploring the Pantheon Datasetmore_vert

    What Wikipedia data reveals about society

    Exploring the Pantheon Datasetclose

    The Pantheon dataset is curated by MIT, and contains information about historical figures from around the world documented in Wikipedia with associated popularity indices. I explored the following questions:

  • How likely is it that a historical figure born before the end of the Middle Ages is more popular than a historical figure from the past two centuries?
  • What is the strength of the relationship between historical popularity index (HPI) and the number of article languages for Europe and North America? How well can HPI an article languages predict being a historical figure from Europe or North America?
  • What occupations of popular historical figures are most frequent in different continents?

  • My interest in studying this is on a social and cultural level. I believe historical figures (or what we consider historical figures) and their popularity are indicative of what different societies value. Furthermore, Wikipedia is directly curated by, and accessible to, the public, further making it a solid source for gaining insights about historical figures as a reflection of society.

    Analysis of the Super Bowl Indicatormore_vert

    Exploring an old wive's tale in stocks

    Analysis of the Super Bowl Indicatorclose

    The Super Bowl Indicator is a superstition that says that the stock market's performance in a given year can be predicted based on the outcome of the Super Bowl of that year. More specifically, a win from the American Football Conference (AFC) foretells a decline in the stock market for the coming year, and a win for a team from the National Football Conference (NFC), or the old National Football League (NFL) before the merger of NFL and American Football League (AFL) in 1966, means the stock market will be up for the year.

    A classmate and I decided to explore this indicator on a statistical level for a school project. We also developed an interactive web application that allows users to learn about different stocks and stock relationships through various dynamic tests.

    Microbiology Researchmore_vert

    Studying the interaction between C. elegans and M. smegmatis

    Microbiology Researchclose

    As an intern at Forsyth, a partner and I explored an original research proposal designed by us. We studied the interaction between C. elegans and M. smegmatis, which is closely related to tuberculosis. Our work eventually held a provisional patent.

    HealthHacks NYCmore_vert

    Columbia's first medical-themed hackathon

    HealthHacks NYCclose

    HealthHacks NYC was Columbia's first ever medical-themed hackathon. It was a 36 hour event bringing in hundreds of college students from around the country to program and build solutions to today's health problems. As the branding lead, I was responsible for creating branded material for marketing and communication purposes, as well as helping to define the vision for the event. The total valuation of the event in the end was $30,000.


    One of the earliest public high school hackathons in the U.S.


    I co-founded and led an annual 150+ student high school hackathon in the Greater Boston Area from 2014-2016. It has since transitioned to a new team.

    FIRST Roboticsmore_vert

    Captain of 2 Bits and a Byte, 2016 World Championship division semi-finalists

    FIRST Roboticsclose

    I was the captain of 2 Bits and a Byte (FTC 4029), the LHS robotics team from 2014-2016. During both years of my captainship the team qualified to the FTC World Championship and made it to World Division Semi-Finals in the 2015-2016 season.

    Music Compositionmore_vert

    Influenced by rock and classical

    Music Compositionclose

    Since I was a kid, I have been playing piano. I started writing my own music when I was 14, and it's a passion of mine that I do for fun in my free time to destress. I like to view it as my audio diary. Stylistically, I'm most influenced by rock and classical music.

    Sample Recording: