Kevin Le

Operations Research Major @ Columbia University, '20


I'm a senior at Columbia University studying Operations Research with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. I love diving into diverse business problems and solving them in creative ways. The process of understanding a problem and the people it impacts to actually producing a tangible solution excites me every step of the way. I hope to continue that type of work long-term.

This past summer, I worked in product management at Gartner. Previously, I've worked in operations at Wachsman, in software engineering at Advanced Acoustic Concepts (a DRS/Thales company), in royalties & licensing at Shapiro Bernstein, and in microbiology research at Forsyth. At Columbia, I was a course assistant for IEOR 4998 - Managing Tech Innovation, an administrative assistant for the Columbia Graduate Chemistry Department, and a tour guide for the Columbia Visitor's Center.

I also used to be a freelance developer, through which I've worked on a variety of software engagements. I eventually wanted to open this opportunity up to more companies and students. At the end of 2018, I started a company called LionBase, an exploratory data product consultancy which has employed ~25 students.

On campus, I've been the president of the Vietnamese Students Association, a program manager for Engineers Without Borders-Morocco, a board member for the Columbia Data Science Society, a studio member for Design for America, the branding lead for Columbia's first health tech hackathon, a studio engineer for Columbia's student-run recording studio, and the Micro-G NExT outreach lead for the Columbia Space Initiative.

Back at my hometown, I proposed and piloted robotics education which was adopted as official curricula across my district's public school system in 2017.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking (especially for friends!), playing music, and questing in Old School RuneScape.

This site is a place for me to share some work I've done in the past! Check it out below :)


LionBase LLC

Founded an exploratory data product consultancy for connecting teams of students to clients

Columbia Data Product Initiative - DPI

Tech Club
Founded a club for students of all backgrounds to collaborate on user-centric products defined by the club community

Crypto Explorer

Software Product
Built a modular crypto asset exploration application to iterate trading strategies, portfolio optimizations, risk mitigations, client pricing strategies, and other data insights

Song Data Management System

Software Product
Developed a fast, robust, no-frills data management for licensing companies

PR Dashboard for Blockchain Companies

Software Product
Developed an experimental dashboard for tracking PR metrics for companies in the blockchain industry


Coordinated every Southeast Asian community at Columbia to create a magazine for sharing Southeast Asian voices

Ait Bayoud Bridge + Ilguiloda Pipeline

Infrastructure Projects
Led the maintenance and handoff of a high-density polymer simple suspension footbridge and the development of a 7km pipeline