Robotics Curricula & Makerspace

Back in my hometown, I noticed a pretty high demand for engineering education in the public school system, which consists of thousands of students across six elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school. I applied for and received a grant from a local foundation to (1) establish robotics curricula in my town's elementary schools and (2) to establish a makerspace in my town's high school.

During the pilot year, I received about ~$15,000 (10k for the curricula, 5k for the makerspace). After a successful pilot year, the same foundation provided an additional grant of ~$34,000 (24k for the curricula, 10k for the makerspace).

This project means a lot to me because my home used to be the high school robotics team. With the curricula and the makerspace, I hope to extend that home to as many other students as possible.

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