Co-Founder & CEO

LionBase is a company I founded with a few friends in 2018. The goal at the time was to form a community of students who wanted to explore data science and product development under the context of paid, real-world projects during the academic year. This was largely inspired by my friends and I's own experience collaborating on freelance data projects together, which we wanted to extend to others.

During my time running the group, LionBase evolved into a year-round operation with three main components: an education program, a freelance network, and a referral program for placing students into jobs. Projects through the freelance network eventually paid better than any on-campus undergraduate job at Columbia, and LionBase established partnerships with groups such as the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise to continue connecting students to valued opportunities. In 2020, LionBase placed first in the Columbia Venture Competition.

I eventually transitioned LionBase to new leadership in order to explore new career opportunities. I am deeply grateful for the mistakes, successes, and people I've come across during my time with LionBase.

Below are some notable features:

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